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We're Teamspective, nice to meet you

Hey there friend, it’s been a while since our last update, and a lot has happened since. Here is the most important news.

Perspective is now called Teamspective

Almost all work gets done in a team. Teams can grow far more and faster than individuals. It’s more about how the team works, rather than who’s in the team. We realised that feedback, in the end, is mostly about teamwork. And teams should focus primarily on teamwork when they want to improve. We strive to make teams work. Our tools help teams and individuals in them get and stay aligned, and share growth-inducing feedback.

With our new focus on teams, we updated our name to Teamspective. The last part of our name is derived from words ‘perspective’, ‘introspective’, and ‘retrospective’, all of which share ’spective’. We’re Teamspective, nice to meet you!

(And now we’ve got the perfect teamspective.com domain - yay!)

We’re working full-time to help you make your team work

Since January, our team of two is working full-time on Teamspective. And that’s great for everyone, as we’re itching to perfect our product for you.

Our next product update, rolling out this month, has a major new feature: Team pulse questionnaires.

With Team pulse you can

  • Do a weekly check in with your team about workload, overall satisfaction, need for support, etc.
  • Recognise trends in your team’s status
  • Make suggestions based on actual data
  • Review input in team meetings and take action

Other product improvements

  • Faster sending of personal feedback requests
  • Improved design for giving feedback
  • Revised feedback topics

And as always, we’re delighted to receive feedback about our product and services. If you’d like to share something, click on the Contact us button below and send us a message. Thanks!

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