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Get the feedback you need

Ask for feedback like the professional you are, whenever you need it. Create explicit feedback requests and send them to your colleagues, manager and customers - anyone whose opinion matters to you!

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Write great feedback with Teamspective

Write better feedback than ever

Your opinions count, so make them count! Show appreciation, give recognition, be a coach and give advice to your colleagues. Take all the time you need, and let us guide you in writing your feedback.

Get your team on the same page

Team pulse

Answer pulse questions and keep your team on track. Our pulse library covers all major themes of teamwork from workload to clarity of goas, and accountability to psychological safety. Try even eNPS for both internal and external use.

Team pulse questionnaire
Bring up your thougts with notes attached to team pulse

Talk about what matters in your team

Team pulse

Add comments to your team's pulse and share your ideas on how to improve how your team works. All team pulse notes are anonymous to equalize opportunities to speak up.

Follow you team's progress

Team pulse

It's said that you get what you measure. We'll make it easy for you to measure what matters and to see how far you've come. All pulse results are visualized for everyone in the team.

Team pulse results are summarized in visual graphs
Feedback culture, work engagement and psychological safety are interlinked

Start a virtuous cycle

Our concept

Processing feedback with openness and respect reinforces psychological safety, which helps build work engagement. More engaged employees give more feedback when feeling safe. Feedback culture leads to victories on personal, team and organizational levels.

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