We strive to make working life more human

Teamspective’s mission is to make working life more human, so that individual needs can be openly discussed and respected. We do this by helping professional teams increase psychological safety, inclusion, self-direction, and work engagement by cultivating a healthy feedback culture. In practice, we develop easy and scalable online tools for individual, team and organization level feedback.

  • We help people ask for, provide and receive feedback with insightful guidance to best practices.
  • We help teams implement insightful pulse questionnaires which help people speak up and participate in solving issues related to their work.
  • On the organizational level, we help our customers implement feedback processes that help them achieve long-term success, and ensure team alignment.

Almost all work happens in a team, and no one works in a vacuum. To maximize team productivity in a complex, uncertain, and changing environment, people must constantly adjust how they work together. Deliberate feedback processes make teams effective and keep them aligned and focused on what is important.

We believe that when feedback works, everything else will follow.

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