Performance Evaluation Solution

Better Employee Reviews with Reliable Data

When it comes to important career decisions, get the data you need with quick & accurate performance evaluations.

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Performance Evaluation, Re-Imagined

We’re here to help make employee reviews a more fair and productive experience for all.

Track Performance, Year-Round

Send automated evaluation surveys – completed in Slack or Teams within minutes – for valuable performance information with minimal effort.

Leave Bias at the Door

Leverage our preset rating process that’s well-defined and data-driven, so you can get reliable, bias-free evaluations.

Get Comprehensive Results for Each Team

Use data in decision-making. Make it easy to focus the discussions & decisions with clear, visual reporting.

How it Works

Quantify Employee Performance with Ease

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Get started in an hour – With our guidance you invite employees, and integrate to Slack or Teams for easy onboarding & user management.

Launch 1-Minute Surveys

Send surveys to your desired participants, either manually or automatically at predetermined intervals.

Collect Unbiased Evaluations

Use pre-defined, objective & tested questions designed to eliminate any unconscious biases.

Review What Matters Most

Review results with simple, visual reporting that helps focus discussion on the right individuals – or filter team by team.

Make Fair & Transparent Decisions

Enjoy the unbiased, always fresh evaluation data whenever needed for decisions on promotions & compensation, or discussions with managers.

“Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.”

Aliisa Holkko

People Operations Specialist