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In today’s fast-paced world, effective teams need continuous feedback to learn, to grow, and to succeed. See what other Teamspective Customers have achieved.


Increase in employee feedback and appreciation activity


More employees reporting better clarity and focus


More employees report higher feedback satisfaction


Pulse response rate with zero ongoing effort

Better Feedback, Better Performance

With performance, wellbeing, and team collaboration surveys & data at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to lead effectively.

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Use Teamspective in Slack & MS Teams

Create a smooth feedback experience with Slack & Teams surveys that are easy to make, and easy to take. Integrate with HRIS to cut out the admin work.

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Pulse Surveys

Listen to your people with 30-second Pulse Surveys.

Measure What’s Important

Track employee engagement, wellbeing, team performance and DE&I themes with science-backed questions, all with minimal effort.

Make Answering a Breeze

Get 75%+ participation every week with Slack & Teams-based surveys – no respondent training or login required. Median response time is 30 seconds.

Kickstart Team & Organization Development

Get suggestions, playbooks, live chat support, and pulse highlights to lead effectively.

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“Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.”

Aliisa Holkko People Operations Specialist

Personal Feedback

Facilitate peer-to-peer, peer-to-manager, and customer feedback, along with self-reflections and whistleblowing.

Get 6x more personal feedback

Skip the time-consuming, yearly 360 reviews – Trigger more feedback discussions with automated, AI-powered reminders.

Develop Feedback Skills at Scale

Get science-backed guidelines that help you share meaningful feedback, praise, and redirection.

Strengthen Feedback Culture

Reward active employees and normalize talking about feedback. Continue feedback discussions 1-1, with a coach, or in a team feedback review..

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More Teamspective Solutions

Unlock new insights, improve performance management and automate your workflows.

Performance Evaluations

Collect accurate and bias-free data around-the-year for better employee reviews.

Organizational network analysis

Reveal the connections, silos, bottlenecks and key individuals that make up your organization.

HRIS Integrations

Cut out the admin work & enrich your data with key integrations to Workday, Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, and more HR systems.

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