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Culture of performance and wellbeing for growth companies

Teamspective is a modern people intelligence platform that helps people, teams and companies improve their performance through better feedback.

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Just 10 days after our first call with Teamspective, we had more than 100 people signed up and share their experiences with the Slack-integrated pulse questionnaire. Their tool was a perfect match to our need for accurate, high-quality wellbeing data delivered in real time for all teams. Their customer support has been outstanding, and now after integrating to our HRIS, there’s barely any admin workload with user management.
Nelli Rovamaa, Head of People Operations @ Supermetrics Nelli Rovamaa, Head of People Operations @ Supermetrics
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Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.
Aliisa Holkko, People Operations Specialist @ Silo AI Aliisa Holkko, People Operations Specialist @ Silo AI
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Having up-to-date information about wellbeing in our people monthly meetings is highly valuable. We are now faster to react to alterations in the scores for workload or general wellbeing, for instance.
People Operations & Talent @ Wunderdog People Operations & Talent @ Wunderdog
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Teamspective lowers people’s threshold to talk about stress and other factors in wellbeing. Just having this tool helps us put more focus on how to improve things, and the pulse results show us what to talk about.
Josetta Lehtonen, Community Developer @ Mehiläinen Josetta Lehtonen, Community Developer @ Mehiläinen
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Support on-site, remote and hybrid teams with people intelligence

We combine personal feedback, pulse questionnaires, performance evaluations and organizational network analysis (ONA) to deliver a unique solution for growth companies, who put their people first.

Yes, Teamspective integrates to Slack

We offer a fully integrated and smooth user experience in Slack. You can answer pulse questionnaires, be informed of feedback requests, and receive notifications – all without leaving the comfort of Slack. Start by signing in to Teamspective with your Slack.
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Feedback solution

Facilitate a personal feedback process that stimulates growth mindset, accountability, and psychological safety.

Send brilliant feedback requests

Help your colleagues and customers share their valuable insights.
Send feedback requests

Get guidance for better feedback

Write your feedback respectfully and effectively with in-app guidance.
Team pulse questionnaire

Create a culture of recognition

You're on the same side, right? Then lift each other up by showing appreciation.
Feedback culture, work engagement and psychological safety are interlinked

Pulse solution

Help every team understand and resolve their challenges with accurate, real-time data. 15 themes backed by science.

Monitor the company heatmap

Understand your entire company's wellbeing at a glance. Support the teams in need. Report to the management team with ease.
Feedback culture, work engagement and psychological safety are interlinked

Collect real-time insights

Important themes, plain language, fast responses, anonymous comments, high participation.
Send feedback requests

Help teams take ownership

Our validated guidance helps teams facilitate discussion about the most important themes, based on their pulse results.
Team pulse questionnaire

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