Create a healthy feedback culture

Teamspective helps high-ambition teams build psychological safety, find alignment, learn and grow through creating a healthy feedback culture. Take control of your feedback with Teamspective.

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Teams consist of individuals working together

Your team has enormous growth potential – we'll help you tap it

Improve teamwork

Focus on improving teamwork, not individuals

Teams can grow far more and faster than individuals. It's more about how the team works, rather than who's in the team.

Find alignment

Discover your team's pain points and find alignment

Get and keep your team in sync by answering a few simple Team Pulse questions.

Build feedback culture

Resolve issues and build a healthy feedback culture

Open discussion builds psychological safety, which contributes to constant improvement and higher performance in teams of any shape and size.

How it works

Teamspective is a scalable and easy-to-use feedback tool for high-ambition professionals. It's a web application that helps individuals, teams and organizations get their feedback in check. We believe that when feedback works, everything else will follow.

Team pulse questionnaires

Some turbulance should be expected when you fly high. Talk about the causes of it and choose the best course of action together.

Team questionnaires

Ask how your team is doing

Measure what matters: workload, support, psychological safety, clarity and guidance. We've got you covered.

Team insights

Spot positive or negative trends

Teamspective visualizes your team's (and organization's) progress, and makes teamwork more transparent.

Team meetings

Review together and take action

Enable self-direction in your team, prioritize and take action on the findings.

Personal 360 degree feedback

You are responsible for your feedback - no one else. We'll help you carry that responsibility.

Professional feedback

Make precise feedback requests to get the ball rolling

Ask for feedback broadly, explicitly and often. Make it easy for others to share their advice and appreciation.

Coach your team

Recognize and coach your co-workers to help them grow

We'll guide you in writing your feedback according to best practices. Teamspective makes giving feedback less scary.

Actionable feedback

Integrate the input into everyday work

Take in reinforcement and redirection to fuel your growth. Be open about your growth ambitions to boost trust and psychological safety.

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