Organizational Network Analysis Solution

Discover Your True Organization

Your org chart is not the whole truth. Relationships are what matter. Discover how your teams actually interact as well as how information and influence flow.

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Check out the video for an overview of the potential of our Organizational Network Analysis solution.

Know Your Organization on a Deeper Level

Improve team dynamics

Issues are often team-specific. Combine ONA and engagement data to understand the root causes of challenges and pre-empt them.

Plan growth and reorgs smarter

Which connections need to be preserved? Which need to be built? See how your organization evolves over time.

Predict the impact of employee churn

Predict the impact of employee churn An employee is a node in a web of relationships. Identify which crucial connections are at risk.

“We wanted to develop our feedback culture as a whole. With Teamspective we’ve been able to build a solid foundation for an active feedback culture on all levels of our company.”

Tuuli Suominen

Head of People and Culture