Organizational Network Analysis

Discover your

True Organization
Bottlenecks & Silos
Hidden talent
True Organization

Your org chart is not the whole truth. Relationships are what matter. Discover how your teams actually interact as well as how information and influence flow.

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Improve your organization with accurate understanding of how it works

Identify Critical Connections

Discover how different functions of your organization work together. Pinpoint bottlenecks & vulnerabilities in collaboration and information flows. Identify critical connectors.

Discover Your True Teams

... and their challenges. Overlay engagement data to see unique pain points & focus areas for each part of the company.

Understand Hidden Roles & Demands

Get insights on each individual's de facto role in the organization: see who depends on whose support, delegate smarter and adapt to change.

Plan Growth and Reorganization Smarter

Which connections need to be preserved? Which need to be built? See how your organization evolves over time and plan growth and reorganizations smarter.

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Hear from Teamspective Customers

“With the ONA surveys, we've been able to really map our organization and understand where we have enough connections and collaboration, and where we don't. This helps us ensure we don't become siloed even though we are growing rapidly.”

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

CEO & Co-Founder – Teamspective customer since 2021, Teamspective angel investor since 2023, Sievo