Organizational Network Analysis Solution

See How Your Organization Really Works

Reveal the connections, silos, bottlenecks and key individuals that make up your organization. Monitor and optimize impacts of restructuring and mergers.

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Know Your Organization on a Deeper Level

Get detailed Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to understand employee demand & workload, influence, and impact across the organization.

Discover the Dynamic Teams

Find out how your employees actually work together with quick network surveys in Slack & Teams.

Identify & Engage Key Employees

ONA helps you discover, engage and commit the most impactful employees, regardless of their formal role.

Resolve Silos & Bottlenecks

Be proactive about burnout and attrition risks, and optimize information flows between silos to make the organization run smoother.

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Activate Employees

Work with Teamspective experts to motivate employee participation in ONA surveys. Achieve higher response rates with auto-reminders and ongoing notifications.

Receive Executive-Level Reporting

Get the most prevalent & actionable insights and recommendations, presented by Teamspective’s experts for your leadership team.

Deep Dive into the Results

Get access to filtered and clickable data sets you need to take actions and lead.

Implement & Follow Up

Repeat ONA after implementing changes to check in on the progress your organization has made.

Use Responses to Kickstart Feedback

Automatically activate feedback discussions between employees based on the ONA results.

“Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.”

Aliisa Holkko

People Operations Specialist