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  • Try how it feels to get great feedback.
  • No team, no organization
  • Give and ask for personal feedback
  • Engage with your colleagues, managers, customers, anyone
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  • Unlimited users in one team – ideal for up to 20 people
  • All personal feedback features
  • Set up a feedback process for your team
  • Team pulse questionnaire and reporting
  • User analytics and reporting
  • Slack integration –
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4 € / user / month
Billed annually
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Volume pricing for 200+ users
  • All available features and integrations
  • Set up feedback processes for individual, team, and organization level.
  • Create multiple connected teams
  • See pulse results on different leyers: team, project, division, etc.
  • Custom content in pulse
  • Feedback Checkpoints: project feedback, wellbeing, engagement and other custom feedback questionnaires
  • Ongoing user support

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