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Voice Any Type of Concern

Setup specific inboxes for any type of sensitive feedback. Gather more context through anonymous chat and provide guidance. Complies with the EU Whistleblower directive.

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Anonymous Chat is included as an add-on to all Teamspective solutions

Establish Anonymous Feedback Inboxes

Each customizable inbox has it’s own purpose, recipients, protocol, and user guidance. Employees can anonymously reach the HR team, send anonymous feedback directly to management and share “Whistleblower feedback”

Easily Access the Feature in Slack & MS Teams

Employees can provide anonymous feedback directly on Slack or MS Teams, with automatic notifications to recipients. No extra logins required.

Maintain Anonymity While Handling Messages

Continue discussion, ask for more information, or just let the sender know that the message was received – we maintain user anonymity while providing everyone a smooth user experience.

Comply with EU Whistleblower Directive

Become “Whistleblower Directive” compliant in 5 minutes by setting up your company’s official whistleblower channel.

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