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Pulse surveys that measure what matters. Track engagement and wellbeing continuously and ensure action is taken on all levels of the organization - effortlessly in Slack and MS Teams.

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“We’re super happy that we switched our pulse questionnaire to Teamspective. Their user experience is fantastic for everyone: admins, team leads and employees.”

Tiia Virtanen

People & Culture,

Stay on the Pulse of your Organization

Best in-Slack Usability

Answering takes 30 seconds directly in Slack or MS Teams. Interactive survey design yields exceptional response rates with zero maintenance effort from the HR team.

Deep Insights and Automatic Scheduling

Our unique survey structure tracks the most crucial metrics for teamwork and leadership, asking the most important and fast-changing metrics most frequently. It’s also customizable.

Automated Reports for Leadership & Each Team

Advanced reporting helps you understand organization-wide and team-specific issues, monitor trends over time and ensure sustainable improvement. Teams get their own results and can take initiative, too.

Actionable, Timely Tips & Guidance

Our in-app tips and playbooks make it easy for leaders to take action towards both big and small improvements.

AI-Powered Pulse Snapshots

Our AI model provides managers with clear, actionable instructions for team meetings and one-on-one discussions by summarizing trends in engagement data and suggesting relevant action points.

Combine with Teamspective Network Analysis

Overlay engagement and wellbeing data with Organizational Network Analysis to see unique pain points and focus areas for each part of your organization.

It takes 5 minutes to get started

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