Building Teamspective's Pulse Survey Data Model

How to create a robust employee survey by applying the principles of psychometrics and advanced statistical analysis.

Jaakko Kaikuluoma


After reviewing this paper you...

  • gain an appreciation for the conceptual nature of various facets of human experience, as well as insights into transforming these concepts into actionable and measurable questions.
  • know the importance of measurement scales and what things to consider when choosing the most appropriate scale.
  • can explain the function and purpose of several important statistical methods for survey validation.
  • understand that survey development is a continuous process, and what is involved in it.
  • recognize the benefits of outsourcing employee surveys to a partner organization and know what qualities this organization should have.
  • understand why you should get employee pulse surveys specifically from Teamspective ;)

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Survey is one of the most commonly used methods for gathering insights on people. However, in itself, data collection doesn't take you very far and building a quality survey is not an easy task. Transforming the collected data into meaningful insight involves diligent planning, expert implementation and continuous development. This paper walks the reader through the process of creating a scientifically sound survey instrument.

Before the actual questions are formulated, you should consider why you are collecting data, how you plan to utilize it and how you could reshape abstract concepts such as motivation and job satisfaction into something actionable.

When the goal of the survey is clear, the next stage is design. The stages of survey design involve considering individual questions, groups of questions and the survey as a whole. In all stages the aim is to determine how you could measure the wanted phenomena accurately and which statistical methods you should utilize.

Creating a survey is not a one-off endeavor but rather a continuous process where the collected data helps to improve the quality of the survey. Many aspects considered important in business, such as employee engagement, are abstract and hard to measure. Therefore, it is often beneficial to choose a provider for survey design and implementation who is committed to continuous development of the survey, and the underlying data and theoretical models.