We’re Passionate About Enabling Quality Feedback

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Our Mission

We build solutions that help individuals, teams, and organizations learn & develop through ongoing quality feedback.

Why Feedback?

Feedback is at the core of how people, teams, and companies develop – without feedback, professionals lack direction and confidence in their work. We’re creating opportunities for everyone to get & give meaningful feedback, spark more ideas, and make better decisions

Built People-First

Feedback discussions can feel challenging for both employees and managers, so Teamspective creates solutions that make them easier. We help companies implement science-backed, tried-and-true processes for personal, team, and company feedback that benefits both the HR and employees.

Backed by Research

Teamspective solutions are honed by hours of extensive research into latest insights and peer-reviewed scientific articles, as well as our own independent real-life research together with thousands of Teamspective users.


CEOJaakko Kaikuluoma

Jaakko Kaikuluoma is a B2B sales and marketing professional who wants to help people talk about issues that matter.

CustomersJose Kantola

Jose Kantola is an expert in making things work for customers, and knows that a great feedback culture leads to greatness.

TechnologyIan Tuomi

Ian Tuomi is a seasoned software developer who is passionate about helping people reach their higher potential.

TechnologyJuuso Mikkonen

Juuso Mikkonen is a software engineer interested in building applications that help people focus on what matters.

MarketingAleksandra Seregina

Aleksandra Seregina is a marketing and tech enthusiast willing to challenge the status quo in data-driven companies.

Growth & PartnershipsTuure Lönnroth

Tuure Lönnroth is a creative problem solver who enjoys aligning interests and building win-win partnerships.


Member of Advisory BoardJaakko Sahimaa

Jaakko Sahimaa is a Finnish psychologist who is focused on cultivating human performance and making working life more meaningful.

Member of Advisory BoardVille Ojanen

Ville Ojanen is a psychologist, PhD who helps people and businesses develop and get things done. Co-founder of Academy of Brain.

Member of Advisory BoardMikko Kivelä

Mikko Kivelä is an assistant professor at Aalto University working in the field of Network Science. He likes his science interdisciplinary, data big, and models simple.

Our values

We listen

We are hungry to learn, willing to challenge our thinking, and interested in finding new perspectives. We listen to each other. We listen to our customers. We listen to science and experts. We teach our users to listen, too.

We deliver

We set our ambitions and bar of excellence high in building industry-winning solutions and rewarding customer relationships. We take extreme ownership of our individual and team responsibilities and prioritize vigorously to focus on what matters the most. When we make promises, we deliver on them.

We own our mistakes

Mistakes happen when working on worthy challenges; thinking otherwise would be a mistake. We examine our mistakes to learn from them, avoid repeating them, and resolve them. This is how we consistently keep our work quality at the highest levels.

We elevate each other

Success is built on top of what already works. We recognize each others’ well-aimed efforts, successes, and good deeds. We celebrate personal and team victories together, and learn from our successes.

We have fun

We take our mission seriously, and we try our best to have fun completing it. Humor helps us keep our heads straight under the pressure of our ambitions. Our ways of interacting are more casual than formal, and we aim at creating a sense of belonging and inclusion.