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Science behind Teamspective's pulse questionnaire

Scientific research is the foundation of Teamspective's feedback processes. In this article, we share what studies have been most influential for us in designing and building our pulse solution for modern people-oriented organizations, who want to empower people to own their personal and team development, and to maximize engagement, productivity and wellbeing. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 8 Feb 2021

Watch out for these mistakes with positive feedback

Positive feedback has enormous potential for you and your team. But there is also a quality aspect to all feedback. Here we're presenting four ideas to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re actually giving positive feedback. Second, focus on action and effort, not abilities and traits. Third, ensure there is a healthy balance between positive feedback and discussion about problems. Finally, make sure your feedback is given directly to the recipient. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 31 Aug 2020

Ask for feedback like a pro with these 6 tips

Getting the right kind of feedback is crucial for our growth and to create psychological safety at work. Craft your next feedback request using these 6 tips, and you'll increase the likelyhood of getting helpful and truthful reinforcement and redirection. That is also how feedback cultures are created. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 2 Jun 2020

Strategies for creating psychological safety

Psychological safety is the most important factor for effective teamwork, as found in a study by Google. In this article, we discuss how teams can build psychological safety by creating a climate of speaking up, and encouraging feedback, error-reporting and help-seeking. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 20 Apr 2020

Why we need feedback

We need connection to other people, and feedback is an act of connecting with others. It helps build trust and fuels personal development. Feedback helps us satisfy our psychological needs for love & belonging and esteem, as described in Maslows pyramid of human needs. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 23 Mar 2020

We're Teamspective, nice to meet you

We've updated our name to better match our focus on improving teamwork. Our product will see some major improvements in March. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 2 Mar 2020

Feedback Shortfall

A majority of people get less feedback than they would like. Almost no one likes giving feedback, especially unprompted. Asking for feedback and advice makes feedback discussions less stressful for both the recipient and provider. When done regularly, asking for feedback will change organisational culture for better. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 9 Dec 2019

Navigating the feedback jungle

Feedback is messy. Make more sense of it by updating your terminology. Say reinforcing and redirecting feedback, instead of positive and negative feedback. Read more...

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Jaakko Kaikuluoma 21 Nov 2019