The world needs better feedback

Feedback is crucial for learning and growth, but feedback satisfaction is a persistent challenge for many companies. We're fixing this issue with our unique approach, supporting feedback skills and guiding people and companies in asking, giving and receiving feedback.

Jaakko Kaikuluoma


Feedback is central for learning and growth

Thriving in a fast-paced working environment requires constant growth. Similarly, excelling as a team requires continuous learning and adjustment. This necessity of learning and growth applies to every high-ambition workplace.

That’s why it’s so beneficial to adopt a ‘growth mindset’, allowing us to seek out feedback about what works and what doesn’t – keep some, replace some, test more.

... but it's a problem for many people and companies

Many people are hungry for feedback and willing to grow – but the sad truth is that most people are at least somewhat dissatisfied with the feedback they receive at work. Not only is there a shortage in the amount and frequency of feedback, but also with quality, relevance, focus and delivery. To top that off, most people find giving feedback uncomfortable.

This lack of high-quality feedback stifles growth, causes disengagement and ultimately guides the best talent elsewhere.

It’s clear that the traditional approaches used by companies are not sufficient for the feedback needs of modern organizations and younger generations. Self-study and personal observations will only take you so far – people need better feedback.

We're fixing this issue

We are here to fix this feedback shortfall by helping people collect and give feedback more frequently and with better guidance. Our app teaches users essential feedback skills while they're exchanging feedback. We're offering our customers a full-featured feedback suite that helps them build feedback culture.

We believe that everyone is worthy of receiving high-quality feedback and capable of giving it, especially with the right tools.

This is a complex task but we’re well on our way to solving it. Our success ultimately depends on our ability to design and build great software, which is backed with human-to-human services supporting our customers.

To succeed, we need brilliant minds to create these solutions with us – smart colleagues, smart customers, smart advisors, smart investors. If you're looking to join us, please reach out to our team.

What can we expect to achieve?

We want to help millions of professionals replicate the following notations from Teamspective users:

“I was almost at the point of giving up and thought I was failing the whole team. After I asked for feedback, the comments I received helped me put my troubles into perspective. I was doing fine and hadn’t lost anyone’s appreciation – quite on the contrary!”

“I’m so thankful for my colleagues showing their appreciation. What a boost of confidence and motivation it gives!”

“I go back occasionally to read some of the praise I’ve received earlier. It motivates me that my work is valued – even the not-so-pleasant tasks.”

With these kinds of comments in mind, it's hard not to be motivated to tackle this challenge.

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Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash