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Make feedback

your superpower

Help your employees coach and appreciate each other. Ensure people get a continuous flow of quality feedback and meaningful recognition with our feedback automation and elegant Slack / MS Teams interface.

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“Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.”

Aliisa Holkko

People Operations Specialist

Build an open, growth-oriented feedback culture into your company’s DNA.

Move Feedback Processes to Slack or MS Teams

Requesting feedback and responding to requests is easy in Slack or MS Teams. One simply has to select relevant people, topics of interest and write an optional message.

AI-Guided Feedback Activation

Automated AI-guided processes make feedback a habit, reminding employees to request feedback or share praise, if they haven’t done it for a while.

High-quality feedback & meaningful praise

Feedback is a skill. Our in-app guidance helps users write high-quality feedback and develop feedback skills on an ongoing basis.

Lean, Continuous Evaluation Processes

Say goodbye to the annual 360 mayhem. Gather viewpoints broadly & frequently in Slack/Teams for less-biased performance assessments.

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Discover the impact that our Feedback solution can have on your company culture.