Case study

How Crasman develops their organization using Teamspective’s ONA solution

Crasman is a Finnish online business and digital media pioneer founded in 1996. They specialize in turnkey solutions for online business, covering internal and external communications, commerce, asset management and multichannel marketing. Having built their business through steady success over the years, Crasman now boasts a team of over 100 professionals across several locations.

ONA revealed actionable improvement opportunities

  • Certain groups of employees did not collaborate as closely as expected, were more siloed than others, and had become more distant from the leadership team.
  • Some employees were identified to be on the verge of becoming organizational bottlenecks, or facing an overwhelming workload.
  • The analysis highlighted employees whose contributions were under-recognized and under-utilized, indicating an opportunity for their roles to be amplified for greater impact.

In 2023, Crasman is undergoing organizational change in order to better adapt to increasing demands for fluent internal collaboration, and to operate their talent pool effectively in various customer projects.

Determined to enhance internal collaboration and communication, Crasman's leadership turned to Teamspective's Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) solution. This approach gives more insights into their real organizational structure and helps make data-driven decisions to improve how they organize work.

This case study offers a deep-dive into how Crasman harnessed ONA to comprehend their organizational structure, identify potential roadblocks, and streamline their transformation to meet future objectives.

The Network Analysis Process

Within a swift three-week span, Crasman got from launching the analysis to decision-making and action-taking. Teamspective's software and experts managed most of the analysis, allowing Crasman's leaders to concentrate on strategic decision-making and change implementation.

First the entire process was communicated to the staff during a company meeting, followed by a survey sent directly via Slack, requiring just five minutes of each employee’s time to complete.

The insights collected from the survey with Teamspective’s ONA solution were presented to Crasman's leadership through user-friendly, clickable reports and a debriefing discussion.

Post these discussions, the leadership began implementing the agreed-upon changes. The efficacy of these changes will be evaluated in a follow-up survey six months later, providing further room for organizational enhancements.

The network analysis process

Improvement #1: Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration

ONA enabled Crasman to uncover discrepancies in interdepartmental connections. Some groups turned out closely integrated to each other through many employees, while in some groups certain individuals had taken a role as the connecting point.

See the network images below for examples of how some groups demonstrated greater integration to the leadership team than others. These insights spurred strategic actions to foster broader integration and more balanced communication across all teams.

Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration

Improvement #2: Eradicating Bottlenecks and Delegating Smartly

The network analysis highlighted some employees who were heavily relied upon for decision-making and information. This insight encouraged the CEO and other leaders to delegate more, reducing their involvement in day-to-day tasks and focusing on steering the organization's strategic direction. Less management, more leadership.

Crasman implemented these changes through role adjustments, clarifying workflows, and leveraging the skills and knowledge of other capable employees, preventing bottlenecks and burnout risks.

Eradicating bottlenecks

Improvement #3: Empowering Employees and Recognizing their Role in the Network

In an organizational network every employee has a unique position, that is a result of their job role, knowledge, skills and personality. ONA helped Crasman identify employees who acted as vital connectors or morale boosters.

Recognizing these employees, especially in a hybrid work setting, Crasman ensured these individuals were acknowledged for their contributions and incorporated more strategically in organizational changes and culture-building efforts.

Recognising and supporting valuable employees

What’s next?

Armed with comprehensive insights, Crasman is now poised to implement their new strategies. In a few months they plan to undertake a follow-up network analysis with Teamspective to measure the effectiveness of their changes, identify areas for further improvement, and detect any emerging bottlenecks.

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