Case study

How Supermetrics measures wellbeing and employee experience while growing fast

  • Supermetrics is a fast growing SaaS company, employing 200+ people across Europe, US and Canada.
  • They help marketers and analysts move data from popular marketing platforms to their favorite reporting, analytics and data warehouse platforms.
  • They have collaborated with Teamspective since 2021 to measure and develop employee wellbeing and performance.

Highlights from the first 6 months

  • 30% increase in people reporting that they always get help when they need
  • Slack integration into users’ daily life
  • HRIS integration for admin work automation
  • Responsive support at no extra cost

Their goal

Supermetrics set out to improve their employees’ work performance and wellbeing, and had identified that an impactful way to do that was to improve their feedback culture and practices.

They wanted a solution that meets certain key criteria:

  1. High participation rate by integrating and answering pulse questionnaires directly in Slack
  2. Solutions are best in class for personal growth and team development, with user friendly design.
  3. Tool is easy to use and agile to adapt into changing needs of a fast growing company.
  4. Responsive and insightful support available when needed.

What they did

  • Implemented Teamspective’s pulse surveys to keep track of employee wellbeing and workload on a frequent interval every two weeks.

  • Measured 11 other wellbeing and performance measures throughout a quarter, to provide teams and leadership easily digestible flow of insights.

  • Actively leveraged Teamspective’s peer network of HR professionals to brainstorm and benchmark ideas.

  • Response rates were kept high by making surveys easily accessible directly in Slack, and leveraging fully automated notifications and reminders.


In the first 6 months of working with Teamspective, Supermetrics achieved steady progress on important themes including help and support, fairness, learning and autonomy.

The impact was especially delivered by great work of a few teams who improved their situation, while some teams were already on a high level to begin with.

Supermetrics also made some key hires to lead functions which had grown significantly over the past months.

Excess workload and struggling without help are significant contributors to burnouts, sick leaves and regretted resignations. Our estimates indicate that an improvement like this can create annual performance gains and cost savings worth over €4.000 per employee.

”Just 10 days after our first call with Teamspective, we had more than 100 people signed up and share their experiences with the Slack-integrated pulse questionnaire. Their tool was a perfect match to our need for accurate, high-quality wellbeing data delivered in real time for all teams. Their customer support has been outstanding, and now after integrating to our HRIS, there’s barely any admin workload with user management.”

Nelli Rovamaa

Head of People Operations, Supermetrics