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Transform your Staff into Feedback Experts

Get implementation, HR strategy, & transformation management guidance from our on-staff HR solution experts.

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Make the Most of Teamspective

Take your feedback culture to the next level

Let’s Show You The Ropes

Capitalize on years of expertise with HR tools and processes.

Learn The Language of Cooperation

Train your workforce to talk about collaboration and development opportunities effectively.

Transform Your Culture

Spread the ideas of growth mindset, psychological safety, people-first leadership, and inclusive decision-making.

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Choose Your Way to Get Started

Choose from our flexible service offerings to find the right workspace for your team & organization.

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Get your crew on the same page in sessions hosted by Teamspective experts. All for €1,500 + VAT.

Everything in Simple Start

Named Account Manager - HR Kickoff meeting - Support for setup and communication - Access to Support Center - Teamspective Slack Community

Team Leader Onboarding

In this 1-hour session with team leaders, we’ll cover: - Teamspective features & benefits specific to leadersorg leadership - How to get the most out of your Teamspective experience - Team leader’s role & responsibilities in activating feedback culture - Q&A

Personnel Onboarding

In this 30-minute online session with all users, we’ll cover: - Teamspective features & benefits specific to their roles - How to get the most out of your Teamspective experience Note: The lecture can be recorded for new hire onboarding and continued use.

“Teamspective helps our people give each other professional-level feedback independently, effectively and respectfully. Given the right chances, anyone can master their feedback skills.”

Aliisa Holkko

People Operations Specialist

Our flexible services solve your education and coaching needs

Lectures: Teach Feedback Fundamentals
Workshops: Practice Feedback Skills
Coaching: Support a Team or a Leader
Executive People Review

Service details - 30-60 minutes, including Q&A - Online or on-premise - Train whole staff at once - Content tailored to your needs, including: - Increase understanding of growth mindset, psychological safety and different types of feedback - Learn best practices for giving and receiving feedback - Learn how to improve teamwork with pulse results - Can be recorded for later use